"unexpected, unique and wholly rapturous" - dcmta


Founded in 2010 by Hayley Cutler, MFA, darlingdance is an avant garde feminist dance theater company. Our work is an experimental take on a postmodern lineage; we weave pedestrian action, text and task-based contemporary movement with a dance-theater philosophy that the fourth wall is meant to be broken, and nothing is off limits: from a star-spangled “break for Beyonce,” to a nude restaging of Trio A, we are always pushing the limits of what gets to be “dance,” and encouraging our audiences to do the same. We prioritize humor and authenticity over the glossy traditions of formal theater dance, infusing the stage with exaggerated but relatable actions and tension-soothing cackles, because we believe this work can help us all come to grips with the realities of womanhood. Our process is incredibly collaborative, and everything that ends up on stage is a result of a deep sense of community and shared reckoning that takes place when we gather together to create. Our mission: darlingdance wants the world to be a little less self-conscious. We want uninhibited equality, freedom from the male gaze, and a pleasantly inflated sense of self. We want release from arbitrary technical standards, and we want to extend an erect middle finger to monotony in dance and life. We want to disrupt ideas of beauty in performance, and we want to laugh at our own jokes. We want to make you giggle; we want to make you squirm. We want to make you feel like it’s all going to be okay...but that it’s all of our responsibility to make it so. darlingdance makes dance not as a means to take you far, far, away from your life, but rather to shove reality right back in your face, in a cathartic and ridiculous way that can bring us all together. We are group therapy, we are friendship, we are many embodied histories smashing up against each other joyfully, and we are certainly not sorry.